The TV Shows Every Career Girl Should Watch

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There are so many TV shows we have to chose from nowadays, between Netflix and cable…there are just so many options! Out of all the TV shows, there are a few that have really stuck out to me and have given me a lot of career inspiration. Any career girl out there should have a few go-to shows to watch when they need a little extra motivation, so I have rounded up the TV shows that have given me some major career inspiration that I hope will inspire you!

#1 Parks & Recreation

Leslie Knope…need I say more?! Parks & Rec is hands-down one of my favorite comedies, but it is also packed with many career lessons we can learn from the different characters on the show. Leslie Knope is passionate about her work and she’s never scared of tackling a challenge. She is super organized, with all her binders and proves to be a great mentor to her colleagues as well.


#2 Younger

This TV show has been one of my favorite shows ever since it came out a year or two ago, maybe because they work in the publishing and marketing industry and I can totally relate. It could also be because Hilary Duff is in it and I’ve been a huge fan ever since the Lizzie McGuire days but this show has given me a lot of career inspiration. The two main characters, Liza & Kelsey, are running their own label that is making a lot of noise in their industry and they have to prove that they can run a profitable label on their own. Not to mention, Liza is actually 40 years old but is pretending to be a “millennial” so that makes it super interesting to watch!


#3 The Bold Type

Since I was sick this weekend, I spent a lot of time binging this show on demand. I had been hearing great reviews on the show and now I totally see why! The show is about 3 girls that work for a magazine and are finding their way in their careers. They deal with challenges that come up in their careers and learn a lot about themselves along the way. This show is perfect for twentysomething women trying to figure out their place in the real world.

via Freeform

#4 Girlboss

I know there were a lot of mixed reviews about this show based on Sophia Amoruso’s journey to building Nasty Gal and Netflix cancelled it after one season but there was still a lot to learn from this show. The main character Sophia was trying to find what she wanted to do with her career and just couldn’t really find something right for her, until she came up with an idea for her own company. Her journey to entrepreneurship is brave and inspiring to many.

via The Every Girl

#5 Shark Tank

I am a HUGE fan of Shark Tank, heck if I ever met Mark Cuban in real life I think I would probably pass out. I find all of the sharks very inspiring for how they’ve become successful entrepreneurs, each of them has a different story that is so inspiring. Not to mention, watching the pitches has given me a lot of ideas for my own business and career!

via ABC

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So there you have it, some of my favorite TV shows to watch for career advice and inspiration! What TV shows have you watched that have given you career inspiration? 

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  1. I’ve been told to watch Parks & Rec SO many times. I keep forgetting. This will have to be my next binge show.

  2. I love all of these! I got my students to watch Shark Tank this year too and then they had to create their own pitch for my marketing class. So much fun!

  3. I love Parks and Rex and Shark Tank but I’m really I retested in Girl Boss and The Bold Type! Thanks for putting together this list!

    1. YESSS GIRL! The Devil Wears Prada is my absolute favorite movie! I can’t wait for the broadway show to come out 🙂

      Also, definitely watch the Bold Type! It’s one of my new favorites 🙂

  4. Thank you for the new shows to check out, I am so in need of a good comedy to watch. After long work days, a laugh is just what I need. I will have to see if we can get Parks & Rec. Shark Tank is always interesting, the things people come up with, some ideas so ingenious while others sadly doomed to fail.

  5. some of these i’ve never heard of so will definitely watch when I have the time, but also you reminded me to catch up on younger xD

  6. I am Shark Tank obsessed!!! Can’t wait for the new season Alex R. And recently The Bold Type has been my recent love.

    Grace |

  7. The Bold Girls looks really good! I haven’t heard of it. I’m basically obsessed with Parks and Recs. Suits is probably a good one for the career girl too! I just finished binging it.

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