Side Hustle Tips: The Tools You Need for Your Side Biz

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In a previous post on the blog, I talked about the essentials you need for your side hustle. In today’s post, I want to talk more about the actual tools that have helped me successfully run my side hustle (this blog + my Etsy store) while working a full-time job. Working a full-time job and running a side biz can be a lot to manage, so the tools that you have in your toolbox should help you spend more time working on the bigger projects and maybe even give you some time to enjoy a glass of wine at night 😉

So, here are some of the tools that have helped me run my business while working a full-time job and the tools I think every #girlboss needs when they have a side hustle!

#1 A Social Media Scheduler

It’s hard to even imagine the days when I posted everything in real-time and didn’t take advantage of a social media scheduler. It was hard to keep up with posting on all of my social media channels consistently and it can be a lot to manage at once. While I would LOVE to be able to post everything in real time, the truth is there’s just not enough time in the day! So investing in some good social media scheduling tools can be a huge help when running a side hustle.
Some of the tools that I use include: Hootsuite (for Twitter), Tailwind (for Pinterest) and UNUM (for planning out my Instagram). There are a lot of free tools out there and there are also tools that you have to pay for. Tailwind is a paid tool, however you can sign up for an account and get 100 free pins. Hootsuite and UNUM offer free versions of their tool that you can use and then premium versions that offer more features.

#2 Storage for Images

Are you constantly getting that annoying pop-up on your phone that your storage is almost full?! Running a side hustle and taking pictures to constantly have something to post on your social media channels can take up a LOT of room on your phone.  I learned very quickly that I really needed a solution for storing all of my images, so I turned to Google Drive and it has become my best friend!
There are a lot of photo storage solutions out there like: Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Google Photos (just to name a few)! Having a good storage tool for your images and documents is a lifesaver when running a side hustle.

#3 Accounting & Invoicing Software

I am finally starting to utilize invoicing software for my side hustle and I don’t know why I waited so long to start using it because it is so helpful! One of my favorites for sending invoices to clients is Intuit’s QuickBooks Invoicing Software.  It is really simple to use and lets customers pay through bank transfer and credit cards. You can also send custom invoices that include your logo and brand colors 🙂
Another favorite feature of mine is the fact that you can set up recurring invoices and receive notifications on invoice status, helping you automate your business. When you have a side hustle. saving as much time as you can is crucial so you can focus on the big stuff!

#4 An Email Account

When you have a side hustle biz, it’s important to have an email address that is specific to your business instead of using a personal one. It will make you look unprofessional and could discourage potential customers from purchasing your products or services. Luckily it is very easy to create your own email account nowadays. If you own a website domain, you can likely get a free email address from them so it includes your website domain in the email address (ex:
If you can’t get an email address through your domain provider or if you don’t have a website yet, you can easily create one through Gmail, Yahoo, etc. The only difference is that it will have ( at the end of it instead of your domain name.
Having an email address just for your side hustle also helps to keep your personal messages and business messages separate 🙂 and for an organization freak like me, I love having them separated!

#5 An Easy-to-Use Website

Last but not least, having a website for your side hustle will make you look even more professional to potential customers. I know building and updating websites can be scary, not everyone has a website background. However, the best part is you don’t have to have a technical background in order to put together a site! You can utilize website platforms like WordPress, Squarespace & Wix.
I am excited to announce that I will be accepting new website clients starting this October! So if you need someone to help you put together your website, contact me today and we can chat about what would be best for your needs! Working on websites all day long at my full-time job has given me a lot of knowledge on building websites, especially on WordPress. I can only work with a few clients, so make sure to contact me today to reserve your spot!

What are your favorite tools for your side hustle? 

The Tools You Need for Your Side Hustle | Side Hustle Tools & Tips | The Sophisticated Gal


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  1. Being a new blogger, I’m flopping around like a fish out of water some days. I’m comfortable with most of these tools now but I am by no means proficient in the social media marketing department.

  2. Great tips! I’ll have to check out a few of these!

    I’ve been using a gmail account for my blog email and I’m wondering if I should switch the more ‘official’ email provided with my blog domain…? I used Gmail because I use that for my personal email so it’s easier to have the same provider. Does having a more professional email have a bigger impact?

  3. I am relatively new to blogging and promoting my side business and with my full time job it can be a bit overwhelming. And not just any full time job, but I am a teacher which is incredibly demanding. I love growing my side buisness and the website and links you have listed I feel like will simplify my life! I am excited to try Intuit for my online personal training!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! Especially when it comes to social media scheduling. When I started my blog, I remember manually pinning to all of my group boards and relevant individual boards and it was a nightmare. My page also looked so spammy for a while there! I can’t even tell you how glad I am to have discovered schedulers for it – such a game changer!

  5. My favorite social media scheduler is Buffer, and I used to have the premium account in order to schedule several posts in one sitting. I use AirTable as editorial calendar (also a premium account), and it helps me manage my ideas, draft posts, etc. (on top of having a bullet journal).

  6. Love this list! I definitely need to look into accounting software, though. I probably should’ve done that a while ago, haha. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Super helpful! Coschedule has been a game changer for me and I love being able to schedule my pins. My next step is accounting software so I’ll have to check out your recommendations!

  8. I don’t currently have a side hustle but I agree with all of your tips! I think an easy to use website is PARAMOUNT, I am always turned off by businesses whose websites feel like they’re living in the nineties, haha.

  9. My external hard drive just broke and it really feels like a loss. I think its so important as a blogger to have storage space for images, graphics, videos, etc.

    I loved your post!

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