The Side Hustle Essentials Every Girl Boss Needs

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I see you girl, every day you’re hustling hard for your passion and trying to make your dreams a reality. If this is you, well then you are a total #girlboss and I applaud you for working so hard! Having a side hustle on top of a full-time job can be a lot to manage sometimes, heck I even wrote a post about balancing both (check it out here). There are a lot of things we have to sacrifice when we’re side hustlin, like that “tv time” after work or going to happy hour with friends because we want to get home and immediately work on our passion. I totally get it and I’m there with ya!

That’s why I wanted to share the essentials that every girl needs when they’re balancing a full-time job and a side hustle to help you be productive. Here are some of my favorite essentials I have to help keep me organized and on-track with both my full-time job and my side hustle (aka The Sophisticated Gal).

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#1 A REALLY Good Planner

Okay, so if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile or following me on Instagram, then you know just how obsessed I am with planners. I truly have an addiction to them and hey the first step is acknowledging you have a problem right 😉 ?! But for real, having a good planner is key to staying organized and on top of all the things.
Right now, I have a planner by Eccolo that I picked up from Home Goods. Homegoods seriously has some amazing planners and notebooks for really cheap prices! I have been considering investing in a Day Designer that will help keep me even more organized.
Without my planner, I’m lost and confused. My planner keeps me on track and I always write out my to-do’s for the week and my events every single week so I know what’s coming up.
Check out some of these planners for some #plannerinspo:

#2 A Notebook (Or Five)

The other thing that I would be totally lost without is my notebook, in fact I have multiple notebooks that I have in all different places throughout the house and in my purse. You never know when an idea will pop-up or when you just want to write something down so you don’t forget it. I also like to keep running to-do lists that I create each day, week, month, etc. that keep me organized and on top of all my tasks. I use a notebook for my to do lists!
You can get notebooks from any store basically, the Target “dollar” section has some really cute notebooks for anywhere between $1 – $5. Marshall’s and Home Goods also have some nice notebooks for cheap as well!
Here are some of my favorite notebooks:

#3 A Laptop

Before starting my side hustle, I rarely used my laptop since I have a desktop computer as well and I even considered getting rid of my good ole MacBook Pro that got me through my college years and still worked well, but I am sooo glad that I didn’t!
Since I started my Etsy store and The Sophisticated Gal, I use my MacBook constantly. I almost always have it with me just in case I feel inspired to do some work. A desktop computer is great, but when you’re on the go – you just need the laptop!
There are so many great laptop options out there and some for very cheap, it just depends on how you intend to use the laptop that can determine what type of power you need from your laptop. Personally for me, I use InDesign and then mostly use my MacBook for writing or working on my blog so my MacBook works pretty well for me.

#4 A Girl Boss Squad

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is sooo important! Having a squad of women that support you is key to success. Your “squad” can be made up of supportive friends, other women that work in the same space as you (bloggers, photographers, etc) and really just people you can bounce ideas off of.
Forming bonds with other bloggers has been so helpful for me, because I’ve been able to learn so much from them and I always have people to go to when I have questions or need to talk something through with.

#5 Inspiring Podcasts, Playlists, Books, etc.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love listening to podcasts when I go on my lunch break walks or when I’m working on something for The Sophisticated Gal. The podcasts that I listen to currently give me so much inspiration and also have some really good tips for entrepreneurs. The same can be said for playlists and books that are inspirational and you get ideas out of. These are so essential for anyone with a side hustle because sometimes, it’s just exhausting working on your side hustle and especially after a long work day. Knowing what will help you become inspired is super important.
Some of my favorite podcasts to listen to right now are:
If you need an inspiring playlist to listen to, check out my Girl Boss Playlist on Spotify! I keep it updated with any #girlboss songs that I need to listen to when I need a little extra motivation.
Some of my favorite inspiring books are:

So there you have it, the side hustle essentials that I can’t live without and the essentials I think every #girlboss needs!

Have an essential you can’t live without for your side hustle? Tell me below!

Side Hustle Tips & Essentials for Every Girl Boss Out There | The Sophisticated Gal

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I honestly need to get into more podcasts, because I never listen to any! I like the suggestions you’ve made here, though!

  2. “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me…” was one of my favorite autobiographies. I love how Mindy addressed the concerns that haunt the timid little girl inside of me. Quite inspirational.

  3. LOVE that you mentioned a planner and a group of bloggers who also support you. That’s why I’m always dishing out love in the blogging community because community is SO DARN important! P.S. I will be checking out the podcasts you mentioned in this list. I’ve been loving them recently.

  4. I totally agree with this list! Especially a planner haha the most essential thing for me for sure!!!

  5. These are so true! I’m so big into planning, but I tend to use Evernote! Also I really love the girl boss tribe, it’s so important! I love pretty notebooks.. I just use them all the time.

  6. Love this! I have a planner that I haven’t even touched! Which is probably why I’m so disorganized lol. I’ve also been hearing so much about podcasts. Why haven’t I listened to any? Haha! Great post! This has really helped me 🙂

  7. I la la love myself some good podcasts! They are so freakin inspirational & can really pick me up when I need it the most. Also, I totally get the notebook thing. I just keep buying them, especially if they’re pretty haha. I love making lists & dedicating different books for different parts of my life xx

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