Why It’s OK to Live with Your Parents After College

Post Grad Tips | Why It's Okay to Live with Your Parents After College | Becoming an Adult | Real World Tips | The Sophisticated Gal

It’s that time of the year again when many recent college grads are beginning their careers in the “real world” and becoming ‘adults’. Life after college and in the real world always seem so glamorous when you’re in college, you finally have a steady income and you never have to do homework or papers again. This is also the time when a lot of jealousy can set in, especially when some of your friends are moving to big cities to start their “big city jobs”. But what about the rest of us? That are living at home with our parents […]

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Inspiring Girl Boss: Katie from Sip & Sparkle Shop

Today’s NEW Inspiring Girl Boss feature is Katie, the owner of the Sip & Sparkle Shop on Etsy. Katie creates beautiful products like wine glasses, coffee mugs & more. What’s even better than her adorable products is the mission behind her business. A portion of each order goes towards her Sip with a Purpose program, which donates to animal rescue charities. Read on to learn more about this inspiring girl boss! Also check out the adorable wine glass she made me 🙂 #1 Where did the inspiration for starting your Etsy store, Sip and Sparkle Shop, come from? Katie: Four […]

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Why Your First Salary Negotiation Is Your Most Important

* Guest Post * Your first salary negotiation can be intimidating, especially if it’s right after college. Should you even negotiate? Will they be turned off if I try for a higher salary? How do I start that conversation? All valid questions to be asking yourself. It can be easy to let the nerves or uncertainty of those questions pass you by and simply accept what’s on the table. Or, you’re simply just excited that you’ve landed this job and what they’ve offered you. Hey, it’s only your first or second job out of school, what is there to lose, […]

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Inspiring Girl Boss: Rachel from Kut the Kraft

Inspiring Girl Boss Series | Rachel from Kut the Kraft | The Sophisticated Gal

This week’s inspiring girl boss is actually a fellow co-worker of mine, Rachel. She works full-time as a copywriter and has an Etsy shop called Kut the Kraft. Rachel is such a fun person to be around and she gives a percentage of her bracelet sales back to charities. Rachel’s bracelets that she sells have pre-made messages and she also offers the option for customized messages! She created a custom bracelet for me that says “girl boss” on it, because you know I’m all about the #girlboss movement! Read on to learn more about Rachel and her business. She’s a […]

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The Career Mistakes Women Make in Their Twenties

Career Advice | Common Mistakes Women Make in Their Twenties | The Sophisticated Gal

Our twenties are a time when we learn a lot about ourselves and are so important in shaping our career. There’s no handbook for how to start your career, most of us just learn as we go and we probably make a few mistakes along the way. Making mistakes in your career is totally OK and we all do it! Sometimes they are the best way for us to learn. Today, I wanted to share some of the top career mistakes that a lot of women make (including myself) when starting out in our careers to help you avoid making […]

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Inspiring Girl Boss: Cath from The Content Bug

This week’s featured girl boss is Cath from The Content Bug! I first met Cath on Instagram when I randomly stumbled upon her account and instantly started following her. She was one of the first people to reach out to me after I posted that I was looking for some Girl Bosses for a new project I was starting and we instantly connected. Her blog, The Content Bug, gives helpful articles on SEO, copywriting, photography and more to help other small business owners. She has great advice for anyone looking to learn more about why copywriting and SEO matter so […]

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May Reflection + June Goals

Today I'm reflecting on May and sharing my goals for June | The Sophisticated Gal

Can you believe that summer is almost here?! I feel like it was just beginning to get nicer outside and spring was just beginning, now it’s almost over! I have so many things that I’m looking forward to this summer, but first I want to make sure that I finish the rest of spring strong! This month I launched a new series on my blog to feature other inspiring girl bosses out there and there are so many women that I’ll be featuring in the month of June. To catch up on all of the features so far, go check […]

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Inspiring Girl Bosses: Kate & Tracey from Lipstick Muffin Media

Today's featured girl bosses are Tracey & Kate from Lipstick and Muffin Media. These two are total boss babes working full time building the businesses of their dreams! Read their interview on The Sophisticated Gal.

I am so excited to announce today’s featured girl bosses! These two young women are so inspirational and I was lucky enough to meet them very early on in my journey as a blogger. I actually think that their Girl Boss Facebook group was among the first groups I joined after I launched The Sophisticated Gal. Both Tracey & Kate own their own businesses and are also the two women behind Lipstick & Muffin Media, whose mission is to help other female entrepreneurs with their businesses. Kate is the boss babe behind Layered Indulgence and Tracey is the boss babe […]

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How to Relax & De-Stress After Work

We all work so hard during the day and sometimes you just need to take a break. When we get home, we often just plop ourselves on the couch to “relax” but watching TV can be unfulfilling. There are so many different things you can do at home after work to de-stress and relax that don’t involve watching TV. Here are some of my favorite tips for de-stressing after work and feeling more relaxed! This post contains affiliate links **  Talk to Your Friends & Family I think this is so important to not only your health but also for […]

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Inspiring Girl Boss: BJ from Keisha&co.

Meet today's featured girl boss, BJ from Keisha&co. She is an inspiring boss babe who owns a skincare business. Check out this post to read more about her!

Today’s inspirational girl boss is BJ, the owner of Keisha&co. and a total boss babe in every way! I met BJ through a blogging community on Facebook and instantly fell in love with her company. She works a full-time job and currently Keisha&co. is her side hustle, which takes some serious dedication and passion. I asked BJ some questions about her business, inspiration, goals and more. Read on to find out more about this fabulous girl boss! #1 Where did the inspiration to start Keisha&co. come from? BJ: I have always had really troublesome skin, and struggled to find skincare […]

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