Inspiring Girl Boss: Sara from Sara Katherine

Today’s inspiring girl boss is someone that I met through Instagram and we instantly connected! I am so excited to share her interview with everyone else. Her name is Sara and she is the blogger behind Sara Katherine. She also just started her own freelance business called SKL Content. Sara recently went all-in on her business and left her full-time job to fulfill her dreams. Read on to learn more about this inspirational girl boss! #1 I love that the mission behind your blog is to help other millennials through adulthood. Tell me more about what inspired you to start […]

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A Girl Boss Playlist to Keep You Inspired

Some days we just need the right playlist to motivate us, am I right?! Personally, I love turning on some motivating songs to get me back up on my feet when I’m feeling down! These songs are some of my favorite #girlboss songs to listen to when I need that extra confidence boost and I figured I’d share these with you all in case you need a little extra inspo. I have actually been listening to this playlist on repeat for at least a week now. The best part about this playlist? All of the songs are by women! There’s […]

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Inspiring Girl Bosses: Kaitlin & Molly from Local Yoga Cafe

I am SO excited about this week’s Inspiring Girl Boss feature (or shall I say BOSSES)! Today’s girl bosses are Kaitlin and Molly from the Local Yoga Cafe. If you saw on my Instagram a few weeks ago, they had a celebration for the grand opening of their new studio in West Chester, PA. The mission behind the Local Yoga Cafe is so inspiring and these two have created a beautiful community. Local Yoga Cafe offers many different styles of yoga and also has a full service cafe with lots of yummy treats & coffee. Kaitlin is the owner of […]

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Why Everyone Needs to Visit Alaska

I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t exactly a post about career advice or side hustles but this is something that I’ve wanted to share for a while now. This time last year, I went on a cruise to Alaska with my boyfriend and his family. It was officially my first “big girl” trip since I started my career and was the most amount of vacation days I’ve ever used at once (8 to be exact). When we were planning our trip to Alaska, we heard from so many others that had gone before just how beautiful it is but […]

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The Top 5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Tips & Advice | Job Interview Prep | The resume is the first impression a hiring manager gets when reviewing applicants, so make sure you make a good impression and your resume isn't making any of these mistakes

Make sure your resume doesn’t fall victim to these common mistakes. You’ve heard it before – your resume is so important to help you get your foot in the door to get the coveted interview for that dream job. Make sure that your resume doesn’t have these mistakes before sending in any applications. Mistake #1: Spelling & Grammar Issues One of the most common and most avoidable mistake that a lot of people make on their resumes are spelling & grammar mistakes. Spelling mistakes can make a HUGE difference in whether or not you get brought in for an interview, so make […]

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Why It’s OK to Live with Your Parents After College

Post Grad Tips | Why It's Okay to Live with Your Parents After College | Becoming an Adult | Real World Tips | The Sophisticated Gal

It’s that time of the year again when many recent college grads are beginning their careers in the “real world” and becoming ‘adults’. Life after college and in the real world always seem so glamorous when you’re in college, you finally have a steady income and you never have to do homework or papers again. This is also the time when a lot of jealousy can set in, especially when some of your friends are moving to big cities to start their “big city jobs”. But what about the rest of us? That are living at home with our parents […]

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Inspiring Girl Boss: Katie from Sip & Sparkle Shop

Today’s NEW Inspiring Girl Boss feature is Katie, the owner of the Sip & Sparkle Shop on Etsy. Katie creates beautiful products like wine glasses, coffee mugs & more. What’s even better than her adorable products is the mission behind her business. A portion of each order goes towards her Sip with a Purpose program, which donates to animal rescue charities. Read on to learn more about this inspiring girl boss! Also check out the adorable wine glass she made me 🙂 #1 Where did the inspiration for starting your Etsy store, Sip and Sparkle Shop, come from? Katie: Four […]

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Why Your First Salary Negotiation Is Your Most Important

* Guest Post * Your first salary negotiation can be intimidating, especially if it’s right after college. Should you even negotiate? Will they be turned off if I try for a higher salary? How do I start that conversation? All valid questions to be asking yourself. It can be easy to let the nerves or uncertainty of those questions pass you by and simply accept what’s on the table. Or, you’re simply just excited that you’ve landed this job and what they’ve offered you. Hey, it’s only your first or second job out of school, what is there to lose, […]

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Inspiring Girl Boss: Rachel from Kut the Kraft

Inspiring Girl Boss Series | Rachel from Kut the Kraft | The Sophisticated Gal

This week’s inspiring girl boss is actually a fellow co-worker of mine, Rachel. She works full-time as a copywriter and has an Etsy shop called Kut the Kraft. Rachel is such a fun person to be around and she gives a percentage of her bracelet sales back to charities. Rachel’s bracelets that she sells have pre-made messages and she also offers the option for customized messages! She created a custom bracelet for me that says “girl boss” on it, because you know I’m all about the #girlboss movement! Read on to learn more about Rachel and her business. She’s a […]

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The Career Mistakes Women Make in Their Twenties

Career Advice | Common Mistakes Women Make in Their Twenties | The Sophisticated Gal

Our twenties are a time when we learn a lot about ourselves and are so important in shaping our career. There’s no handbook for how to start your career, most of us just learn as we go and we probably make a few mistakes along the way. Making mistakes in your career is totally OK and we all do it! Sometimes they are the best way for us to learn. Today, I wanted to share some of the top career mistakes that a lot of women make (including myself) when starting out in our careers to help you avoid making […]

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