5 Career-Oriented Podcasts for Millennials

5 Career-Oriented Podcasts for Millennials | The Sophisticated Gal
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When you are first starting out in your career, there is a lot to learn. The truth is, there is a lot that you won’t learn in college about the real world. For example, did anyone ever give you a crash course in college on 401k’s or dealing with a bad boss? The answer is probably no.

Lately I have been really into podcasts because they always get me thinking plus they offer some really practical career advice. I have also gotten this question from all of you a lot lately! So, I have gathered a list of some of the best podcasts that I think every millennial woman should be listening to for career inspiration!

Career-Oriented Podcasts for Young Women | The Sophisticated Gal

#1 Classy Career Girl Podcast

The Classy Career Girl is one of my favorite websites for career advice and inspiration. In fact, I included them as one of my top career resources for young women. The same goes for the Classy Career Girl (CCG) podcast! The podcast is hosted by the founder and CEO of CCG, Anna Runyan, She talks about various career topics and features special guests that share their inspiring stories.
Favorite Episode: How to Create a Personal Brand That Moves Your Career Forward

#2 HBR IdeaCast

This is a new favorite of mine! There are so many high-level executives that guest star on the podcast, including Phil Knight from Nike and even the CEO of Microsoft. The podcast is about various business topics including company culture, products and more. It’s perfect for anyone working in business and especially good for anyone that works in technology!
Favorite Episode: Find Your Happy Place at Work

#3 Girlboss Radio Podcast

I was SO excited when Sophia Amoruso announced that she was re-starting the Girlboss Radio podcast! I loved listening to their episodes and wanted more, so when she announced she would be starting a new season I was BEYOND excited!
The Girlboss Radio podcast is perfect for any young women looking for some inspiration from fellow boss babes!
Favorite Episode: Interview w/ Brit Morin, Founder & CEO of Brit + Co.

#4 Millennial Playbook Podcast

This is a newer podcast and one that I was very excited about because I found out a fellow co-worker of mine AND a fellow career advice blogger are hosting the podcast together. I binged their first few episodes and instantly loved it! They bring on a lot of guests that provide all types of career advice, from resume tips to generational differences in the workplace.
Favorite Episode: The Communication Gap

#5 Goal Digger Podcast

The Goal Digger podcast is hosted by one of my all-time favorite entrepreneurs, Jenna Kutcher. She is a wedding photographer and creative entrepreneur that offers a lot of advice for anyone running a creative business or blog. If you’re working for a start-up, I feel like a lot of her advice would be helpful too!
Favorite Episode: What Failing on Shark Tank Taught This Entrepreneur

There you have it, some of my favorite career-oriented podcasts for millennial women! Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite podcasts that you listen to? 

Millennial Career Podcasts | 5 Career-Oriented Podcasts for Millennials | The Sophisticated Gal

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations (and the favorite episode links too)! Being a full-time blogger, I’m thinking I’ll check out the Goal Digger podcast first. Would that be your recommendation for bloggers looking to monetize their blog?

  2. I love podcasts and am always looking for new ones to check out so I will add these to the list! I love that these are for career oriented millennials 🙂

  3. I love that I haven’t heard of any of these podcasts before now! (Maybe I’m just a hermit lol). But I’m super excited to give these a listen! My favourite podcast is on a hiatus right now so I’m looking for new ones to listen to – this came along just in time! Thanks for sharing girl!

  4. I haven’t heard of some of the podcasts on this list, and I’ll be sure to check them out. I’m most interested in the Classy Career Girl podcast. Thanks for sharing your favorite ones!

  5. I need to check out all of these!!! They sound awesome. I watched the Girl Boss show recently on Netflix. It was pretty good. Thanks for these suggestions!

  6. I LOVE Goal Digger podcast! It’s one of my favorites! I’m also excited about Sophia Amoruso bringing her podcast back too! These are all great picks!

  7. EVEsdropping (available on iTunes and Podbean) is a podcast for young female professionals. We talk about navigating your career, managing your finances, and women’s issues.

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