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I am so excited to feature Taryn from TK+Co, a career advice resource for young women. You may remember Taryn’s guest post on my blog about Why Your First Salary Negotiation is Important (if you haven’t checked it out, you definitely need to go read it). Taryn truly encompasses the word “Girl Boss” and she is such an inspiration. Keep scrolling to read her full interview!

#1 What inspired you to start your career advice blog, TK+Co?

Taryn: It was a combination of many different things that finally led me to put this idea into action. I love to write and exercise my creativity; launching a blog was an idea that I contemplated for many years, but I never took action.
Last year, I was inspired by a fellow girl boss when I saw her Facebook post announcing she was launching her own online boutique. I thought to myself, if this is something I truly want to do, what am I waiting for? Then, I hit the ground running.
TK+Co began to evolve into a website focused about young women and their quest for an amazing career. I’m incredibly passionate about living a life of balance and one that brings me happiness, and undeniably our jobs are a part of that.
Why? Because we spend a significant amount of our times at work, thinking about it, and spending time with our coworkers. Sometimes I look around I see many people that are unhappy in their jobs, but they just accept it as the status quo.  But, everyone deserves to have a career that brings them a sense of purpose, passion and meets their version of success.
A big part of my drive behind TK+Co is fueled by this, to give young women the tools and confidence to craft and navigate a career they’re excited about.

#2 Tell me more about the mission behind TK+Co!

Taryn: I created TK+Co with the young, professional woman in mind. It is for the gal set out to create a life she loves from the start and wants her career to be a part of that.  
At its core, it’s about giving women the tools and knowledge they need to develop a career path that truly makes them happy, because life is just too short to dread going to work each day.

#3 How do you manage working full-time but still creating time to work on TK+Co?

Taryn: I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m still figuring it out. They call it a side hustle for a reason, but as I think many other online entrepreneurs would agree, when you’re building a business that you’re passionate about in combination with a full-time job it truly is a labor of love. I do my best to maximize the hours throughout my day that aren’t dedicated to my corporate job. From my lunch hour, to evenings and weekends I’m often spending my time on tasks that will grow TK+Co.
I think it’s also very important to carve out time for self-care, whether that’s binge watching Netflix from time to time or spending quality time with family and friends. Not only do I find it a necessity because, well, life. But, taking a break is important to my creative process to come back refreshed with new ideas.
Ultimately, every day is a balancing act, and I try to get a little better at it each week.

#4 You also created a Facebook group called #GirlBoss Gal Pals, which is amazing! What inspired you to create the Facebook group?

Taryn: I wanted to build an online community of ambitious women to empower one another to create a career they love. A positive space to support, inspire and help one another when it comes to pursuing your dream. Whether it’s a question about making a job transition or cheering on a fellow gal pal for landing the job. My goal is for it to be both a motivational and helpful resource curated by a community of intelligent and seriously talented women!

#5 What’s your #1 tip for women just starting out in their careers?

Taryn: My number one piece of advice would be to act as your own career advocate, be the CEO of your career. Think thoughtfully about what you want in your career and what role and type of company culture you’ll excel in and be happy. Always keep in mind what you want the next step in your career to be, and take measures yourself to help you get closer to that goal. 

#6 What time management tips do you suggest for other young women running their own businesses and working full-time?

Taryn: I think planning is one of the keys to successfully managing your time. Carve out time on your calendar when you’ll tackle weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks.
Mapping out one to three business goals as part of a 90-day plan has been incredibly helpful for me since I’ve started it. It’s enough time to make things happen, but not so far out in advance that you begin to get overwhelmed by the thought of it. Plus, it helps you focus on a few aspects of your business that are going to produce real progress, rather getting caught up in “all the things.”

#7 What’s one quote that inspires you?

Taryn: The quote that has resonated with me in all aspects of my life lately, whether making the decision to start an online business or set out to travel somewhere new is: “Great things never came from comfort zones.”
It serves as a great reminder to myself to keep pursuing new, exciting challenges. Because, trust me, I’m the girl that loves a good comfort zone.

#8 Walk us through a day in the life of working full-time and running your own business!

TarynIn the morning, I’m often checking in on the status of social media, subscriber and website traffic growth before I get ready for work and quickly head out the door with an on-the-go breakfast in hand.
The nine to five is dedicated to my corporate role, but more often than not I take advantage of my lunch hour to write content and brainstorm ideas. Then in the evening, I try to catch up on emails, whether that’s simply responding to them or reaching out to others I am or want to collaborate with. In between there, my fiance and I are also trying to plan our wedding and remodel our first home. Wish us luck! 😉

#9 Do you have any exciting projects coming up that you can share?

Taryn: I intend to launch my first e-course this fall, which I’m really excited about. Currently I’m in the process of determining which of my course ideas would be best to launch first. I want the course to provide value and truly help solve a problem someone might be struggling with when it comes to their career.

#10 What’s your favorite part about owning your own business?

Taryn: It’s an incredible experience to take the plunge and start your own business! I would say the best part is connecting with other amazing women around the country, whether it’s to collaborate with fellow girlbosses or to see that TK+Co is helping someone, even in some small way, in creating a career they love.

#11 What are some of your favorite websites to read when you need some extra inspiration?

Taryn: When it comes to business and blogging some of my longtime favorites are: XO Sarah, ByRegina and Wonderlass. Each of these women have their own personality that comes through on their websites, which I absolutely love. Even more so, they have seriously valuable advice when it comes to being an online entrepreneur. I would even go as far to say without them I don’t know if I would have taken the leap to launch TK+Co.

#12 What goals have you set for yourself and your businesses in 2017?

Taryn: My biggest goal is to continue to grow the audience and community of TK+Co, so that it can reach and help more women to have their dream career!

#15 Where can we find you on social media?

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  1. I absolutely love this series you’re doing! I love finding Girl Bosses to follow and be inspired by, Taryn is definitely an inspiration. I love that she helps other ladies find their passion. I can’t wait to see her first e-course!

  2. Starting a career and navigating your way through can be a truly daunting task. Having people like this can make all the difference for someone! Especially if they don’t know someone who has been through a similar path xx

  3. I loved reading this post! The whole time I was thinking, “yes, girl!” I needed to hear a lot of this. Helps to hear that others don’t have the balancing act down pat either. And that quote about comfort zones is great! I need to get better at stepping out of mine:)!

  4. It a was a pleasure reading that article! Specifically liked that piece of advice: My number one piece of advice would be to act as your own career advocate, be the CEO of your career. Great job!

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