Inspiring Girl Boss: Katie from Sip & Sparkle Shop

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Today’s NEW Inspiring Girl Boss feature is Katie, the owner of the Sip & Sparkle Shop on Etsy. Katie creates beautiful products like wine glasses, coffee mugs & more. What’s even better than her adorable products is the mission behind her business. A portion of each order goes towards her Sip with a Purpose program, which donates to animal rescue charities.

Read on to learn more about this inspiring girl boss! Also check out the adorable wine glass she made me 🙂

#1 Where did the inspiration for starting your Etsy store, Sip and Sparkle Shop, come from?

Katie: Four years ago I founded All About the Paw Pet Rescue, a nonprofit animal rescue organization that pulls dogs from high kill shelters and places them into foster homes until they’re adopted. The rescue focuses on dogs that need a little extra TLC, if you will, and thus our medical bills run into the tens of thousands each year. Because the organization is a nonprofit, we rely solely on donations and sometimes there is a gap in funds necessary to help pay our vet bills. I wanted to have a way to have consistent funding coming in and came up with Sip and Sparkle! It’s a great way to raise money and goes towards an amazing cause!

#2 I love that you donate a portion of your purchases towards a charity! Can you tell me more about your “Sip with a Purpose” program?

Katie: Sip With a Purpose is designed to give other animal rescue groups and animal shelters a means of fundraising to help raise money for whatever it is they need. These groups/shelters can apply to be part of the program and we set them up to receive 10% of each purchase (customers can choose which group they want to receive the funds at checkout). We also offer online auctions via Facebook where their followers can bid on our products and all the money is then donated directly to the group/shelter. I know firsthand how difficult it is to run on donations and there’s no reason other rescues and shelters should struggle to provide necessary care for these animals.

#3 Where do you find inspiration for creating your products?

Katie: I love creating things that are important to this cause of animal rescue which is why many of the products are geared towards animals and the importance of adopting or rescuing. I also have sayings relating to children (and with a toddler of my own there’s never a dull moment). I love bright colors and incorporate those into my designs. I also draw inspiration from being a wife, mother, business woman and entrepreneur. Whoever said women can’t have it all clearly didn’t have enough to keep themselves busy!

My adorable wine glass made by Katie! 

#4 What do you love most about having your own business?

Katie: Freedom! I get to work from home which is so important to me and my family seeing as how I have an 18mo old son. I do work in the morning before he wakes up, during his nap time and then again in the evening. It’s also really nice to be your own boss; for nearly a decade I worked in ‘corporate America’ and there’s something to be said for pursuing you own dream and being your own boss!

#5 What is your favorite activity to do in your free time, when you’re not working on your business or your full time job?

Katie: I’m a homebody so I actually really enjoy spending time with my husband and son and our crew of 6 rescue dogs. I’ll admit I’m also a reality TV junkie so you’ll catch me binge watching Real Housewives or Live PD on occasion!

#5 How do you manage being an entrepreneur, creating products AND being a mom?

Katie: It’s tough, I can’t lie. Every day is different and I feel like there’s never enough time. Being a wife and mom will always come first before work, but I am learning to take a little more time to spend on myself and really become the person I want to be. It’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day so I always make it a priority (not on a daily basis but certainly a weekly one) to do something for myself- workout, read a book, sit in silence (moms will appreciate this one!).

#6 Name one girl boss that inspires you and why!

Katie: Back to my reality TV obsession, I recently watched the two seasons of House of DVF on E!. Diane von Furstenberg is a boss babe in her own right! She’s independent, creative, thinks and leads and inspires so many, not just in the fashion industry. I just got her book ‘The Woman I Wanted to Be’ and am reading it now. She’s truly one of those timeless women who beats to her own drum and I adore that about her.

#7 Your wine glasses are ADORABLE! Tell me more about your process for creating your products.

Katie: The process itself is fairly simple and I have my own little secrets for creating these sparkly glasses BUT I will say this is something I truly care about and it’s helping such a great cause that I want people to love their products as much as I do!

#8 Any upcoming projects/new products you’ll be launching on your store that you can tell us about?

Katie: I’m getting ready to add tumblers to the product line and I’m so excited about them! I add new decals weekly so always check with me to make sure you’re up on the latest! I can customize anything, any color and for anyone or any occasion, just send me your idea and I’ll make it happen!

#9 What are some of your favorite resources to go to when you need some inspiration?

Katie: My Pinterest boards are great for quick little pick me ups, I have an entire quote board I love to reference and do post on my IG account from time to time. I also have some amazing Girl Boss books (Diane von Furstenberg, Sophia Amuroso each have several books worth reading), my rescue is also one (I look back on the four years and stare at the photos of 200+ dogs we’ve saved and it blows my mind sometimes).

#10 What’s one quote that motivates you every day?

Katie: “The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet” -Mohadesa Najumi——-I love this quote so much, and there are so many quotes that motivate and inspire me but this one sticks with my soul. I was raised to be independent and take care of myself and my time spent in the workforce was in a world dominated by my male counterparts. It’s tough but I learned quickly that I was the only one who would take care of me and I’m all I can depend on and that’s all that matters.

#11 Okay, this is a VERY important question – red or white wine? 🙂

Katie: I’m definitely a red wine person!

#12 Where can we find you on social media?

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  1. What a cool series! I love reading about inspirational and kick-ass women who love themselves and are strong and independent! I am hooked and will read all the other stories as well 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best from Austria,

  2. Nice interview and so inspiring! I will be checking out some of her products and sharing her information with a co-worker who love dogs! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that Katie has a cause behind her passions. I have a rescue pet as well so this is close to my heart. Oh and not to mention her wine glasses are lovely. *PS – please let Katie know she was working those heels!

  4. it’s these background stories that help small/local business owners succeed, so it’s awesome that you’re spreading the word! I’ll do anything to help support animals in need, so knowing that proceeds go towards that, it makes me want to shop the etsy shop that much more. can’t wait to read about the next #girlboss! x, nicole //

  5. Being a self described ‘dog mom’ I’m gonna need to get me one of these glasses ASAP. 😉 And, the fact that proceeds are donated to animal shelters makes it even better. Love this girlboss feature!

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