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Inspiring Girl Boss Series | Rachel from Kut the Kraft | The Sophisticated Gal
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This week’s inspiring girl boss is actually a fellow co-worker of mine, Rachel. She works full-time as a copywriter and has an Etsy shop called Kut the Kraft. Rachel is such a fun person to be around and she gives a percentage of her bracelet sales back to charities. Rachel’s bracelets that she sells have pre-made messages and she also offers the option for customized messages! She created a custom bracelet for me that says “girl boss” on it, because you know I’m all about the #girlboss movement!

Read on to learn more about Rachel and her business. She’s a total boss babe in every way! Plus Rachel is offering a special discount for anyone who reads this post, so keep reading to get the full details! 😉

This week's inspiring girl boss is Rachel, the owner of Kut the Kraft and a total girl boss!

#1 Where did the inspiration for starting your Etsy store, Kut the Kraft, come from? 

Rachel: I knew I wanted to make something, but I figured with the way the world is nowadays… why not try to make a difference.

#2 When did you start crafting? 

Rachel: My family is all creative. Each in their own way. Growing up, my mom-mom sewed me dresses so I could play princess or what-have-you. My dad, he’s a man of all traits. He would just make me whatever I needed. Recently, he built me a 4-foot tall cat tower that my cats can climb all over. So I guess you can say that crafting is sorta in my blood.

#3 What do you love most about having your own business? 

Rachel: I love that I get to work on my own schedule. And I LOVE being able to see a finished product, feeling accomplished and knowing that someone will be wearing something that I MADE.

#4 Where did you come up with the name for your business, Kut the Kraft? It’s so creative 🙂 

Rachel: My personality… well, it’s kinda straight forward and silly and I wanted my shop name to reflect that. The name makes me giggle every time too (Cut the Crap)… kinda suiting, don’t you think?

#5 What is your favorite activity to do in your free time, when you’re not working on your business or your full-time job? 

Rachel: Eat tacos or nap. I do love hosting, having people over, and cooking dinner for them.

#6 How do you manage working full-time and creating products for your shop? 

Rachel: You have to know yourself. For me, the second I get home from work… if I plop on the couch, I’m not moving for the rest of the night. So, I have to power through work, come home, and knock out my to-do list. Otherwise…. It’s not getting done that day.

#7 Name one girl boss that inspires you and why! 

Rachel: My mom! She graduated college and law school while working and raising 2 kids, (my dad worked nights, so it was a lot of single-parenting on both ends). But I’ve seen her grow into her career. Get promoted. Travel. That’s what I aspire to.

#8 Can you tell us more about the mission behind the bracelets you’ve created to support different causes?

Rachel: So right now, I have my #ResistanceBracelets. With these, I hand-stamp a variety of words for people who aren’t particularly fond of the current government situation. I donate 30% of each bracelet to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood, both of these charities need our help more than ever right now.
I also started #BeeBracelets as well. Honey bees have been placed on the endangered species list. So, I’m also trying to raise money for the Honey Bee Conservatory. As much as they scare us, we need bees.

#9 How do you come up with ideas for products to create for your store? 

Rachel: I wanted something simple and wouldn’t cost a ton in shipping. I came up with the tagline “Wear Your Cause” because you can show your support for these charities…something you believe in… even if you don’t have time to protest in the streets.

#10 What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Rachel: No shower happy hours on the beach 🙂

#11 Any upcoming projects/new products you’ll be launching on your store that you can tell us about? 

Rachel: I’m in the beginning stages of expanding the ‘wear’ for Wear Your Cause! 

#12 What’s one quote that inspires you every day? 

Rachel: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” -Dumbledore
This quote is close to me because I LOVE Harry Potter and I even have a lightbulb tattooed on my finger as a reminder of this quote. Sometimes you get depressed. Sometimes you get overwhelmed. But you have to remember things will only get better if you make them get better.

#13 Okay, time for the most important question – red or white wine? 😉 

Rachel: Red. White. Blush. Boxed. I don’t judge!

#14 Where can we find you on social media?


Rachel is offering 20% off her products for everyone who read this post! Use code GIRLBOSS at checkout on her Etsy store until June 30th to get 20% off your order 🙂 


Girl Boss Inspiration & Motivation | Inspiring Girl Boss Series: Rachel from Kut the Kraft | The Sophisticated Gal

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  1. this is great. I thought that the Bee bracelets would have been wonderful to support Manchester as they had previously been adopted by the city to commemorate the industrialisation of the city full of ‘busy bees’ and has since become widespread for sharing solidarity post the terror attacks of two weeks ago. I’m an avid lover and supporter of bees so all campaigns are worth it 🙂 What a wonderful insight into this Etsy sellers story.

  2. I love reading about other Girl Bosses! Love that she gives to charities as well!! That’s awesome. Eating tacos! Yes girl! And wine…love it!

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