Inspiring Girl Boss: Kat from The Salty Pineapple & The Content Planner

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It’s been a hot sec since the last Inspiring Girl Boss feature here on the blog, but I have a super special feature for you all today! Kat is a creative entrepreneur and the owner of The Salty Pineapple & The Content Planner.  Her journey to entrepreneurship is so inspiring and she is an Instagram genius! Keep reading to find out more about Kat and her story.

Inspiring Girl Boss | Kat from Salty Pineapple

Photos are from Kat’s Instagram accounts

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#1 Did you always know that you wanted to start your own business? 

Kat: Since I was in Grade 10, I wanted to be a CEO who went into the
office just to sign the cheques. From as far back as I can remember, I
always preferred the leadership role. I was that kid in group projects who
always volunteered to be the boss because I liked to be in control of my
own success — and I still do.

#2 Tell me more about the inspiration behind the Salty Pineapple!

Kat: In short,  Salty Pineapple is a tropical dreamworld for color-loving
beach bums. There’s something about palm trees, salty air, vibrant
sunsets and golden pineapples that make my heart explode. The beach
gives me the ultimate creative high. I’m born and raised in Canada, so all
of my tropical inspiration truly comes from within me.

#3 How did you come up with the name for your business, “The Salty Pineapple”?

Kat: I wanted a name that reflected my personality: fun, colourful and
light-hearted. It also had to be easy to spell and sound out. For me, as a
graphic designer, my business name had to be easy to visualize too
(pineapples are the best!).

I’ve had many people say that when they first meet me, I’m intimidating,
but when they get to know me I turn out to be a nice person — kind of like
a pineapple, right? They have a hard exterior, but are sweet on the inside.
I can also be brutally honest and somewhat aggressive, which is where
the ‘salty’ comes from.

Coincidentally, after spending a year or so tapping into my love for the
beach, ‘salty’ also represents the ocean and ‘pineapple’ represents
anything sweet and tropical. I really lucked out on my brand name and I’m
never going to change it.

#4 What has leaving your corporate job to fulfill your passion taught you about yourself?

Kat: I’ve learned that I don’t crumble under pressure, I work better on my
own, I can achieve the goals I set, I am capable of greatness and most
importantly, that my unique creativity can inspire others to pursue THEIR
When you take that leap of faith to follow your heart (as cliche as that
sounds), an endless cycle of questions dominate your daily thoughts. The
important thing is that you take time to reflect on those answers in order
to keep learning about yourself. That’s how you grow and evolve.

#5 How has your previous 9-to-5 job helped you with running your own business?

Kat: My previous 9-to- 5 job helped me realize the kind of life I didn’t want.
I was very comfortable with my bi-weekly pay cheque, full benefits and
grey-walled cubicle. But are we really put on this earth to feel
comfortable? I sure as hell am not.

#6 Walk us through your typical day as a creative entrepreneur! 

Kat: This answer can range SO much since I can work from anywhere in
the world.
One day I could be waking up at 5:30am to catch the sunrise in Australia,
going for a surf, getting coffee and shooting at the beach all day. Or I
could be waking up at 9am to go to the gym in Toronto, then working on
my 2 online businesses from 11am to 11pm.
I barely have anything that resembles a daily “routine” and I love that.
Each day brings new opportunities and successes. The one thing I try to
do everyday though is to create.

#7 What’s your #1 tip for women that are debating leaving their corporate jobs to start their own business? 

Kat: MY #1 TIP IS TO HAVE A PLAN. I planned and saved for 1.5 years
before giving my 2 weeks notice. I made sure I could cover my mortgage
and expenses for 11 months. The more time you can give yourself at the
beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, the better.
“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

#8 What’s your best advice for handling challenges when running your own business? 

Kat: My best advice for handling challenges is to welcome them. When I
first entertained the thought of quitting my job, I was more scared of the
challenges than excited for the successes. Know that you WILL hit bumps
in the road and that’s okay. See challenges as an opportunity for growth
and improvement.
Also, have a community of support you can rely on to vent, rant and voice
your struggle. Facebook groups and Instagram pods are convenient for
connecting with like-minded women from around the world!

#9 I am a HUGE fan of your other brand, The Content Planner. Seriously, it is a blogger’s DREAM! What led you to build this product? 

Kat: AH THANK YOU SO MUCH KRISTEN! That truly means a lot to have
gained another fan.
The Content Planner is the first and only physical planner designed to
help the passionate entrepreneur effectively plan her social media and
blog content.
For the past 17 years, I’ve been using a planner to schedule my day. So
naturally, I wanted a place to write down my social strategy and blog
content plan too. A daily planner lacked the features I needed as a
content creator and dedicated Instagrammer. Plus, digital templates and
spreadsheets never worked for me. I find insane satisfaction in writing
things down, checking them off and crossing them out. Call me old
school 🙂
I’m a graphic designer by trade and entrepreneur at heart, so I designed a
planner with everything a blogging, Instagramming, creative
businesswoman would ever need to succeed. Monthly spreads, social
media and lifestyle stickers, goal setting, tons of space for dreaming,
collaboration planning, reminders of important marketing dates like
#nationaldogday — it’s all in there plus WAY more.
The Content Planner will give you better work/life balance as a #girlboss.
You’ll have more time to do the things you love to do and peace of mind
knowing what to post every day!

The 2018 Content Planner is officially on pre-sale! So make sure to reserve your planner today 🙂 

#10 When you’re not working on your business or being an Instagram superstar, what is your favorite thing to do? 

Kat: HA! When am I not working on my business or on Instagram? 😉 My
favourite thing to do is turn off my tech, hang out with boyfriend and eat
really GOOD food. He’s an aspiring chef, so he’s always in the kitchen
coming up with freakin’ delicious recipes or wanting to try out a new
restaurant. Having a partner who is also creative, but with a completely
different medium is so wonderfully intriguing to me.

#11 You are able to balance a lot of different things with 2 business plus an Instagram account with over 51k followers (which is amazing BTW). What tips can you give to other young women about staying organized when it feels like there is so much to do? 

Kat: My tips for staying organized and on track:
1. Stop giving yourself so much to do.
Girl, you’re only one person, so that giant list of 53 To-Dos really isn’t
going to get done in a day. Instead of assigning yourself an unachievable
amount of tasks, limit your lists. Set 4 monthly goals then 2 weekly goals.
That’s it.

2. Write it down.
Science has proven that you’re more likely to remember something,
achieve goals and feel better overall if you write it down. I like to plan my
day the night before so I’m not scrambling in the morning or laying awake
in bed listing out the things I need to get done.

3. Use a planner.
This is a no-brainer for me. I can’t stress enough how incredibly effective
a planner is. I use a Passion Planner for my daily tasks (gym, meetings,
appointments, boyfriend time, birthdays) and The Content Planner for
scheduling my social content, email marketing and growing my two
online businesses.

#12 What goals have you set for yourself and your business this year? Have you achieved any of them so far? 

Kat: Goals are my fave if you can’t tell.
For my business, I want to quit all of my client work and only focus on my
own Salty Pineapple projects (like The Salty Pineapple Shop and The
Content Planner). CHECK!
For myself, I want to buy a place in Toronto where I can hang up my
prints, walk around naked while drinking coffee and create colourful
things. I hired a real estate agent last week, so I’ll let you know!

#13 If you could have lunch with any girl boss, who would it be and why? 

Kat: I’d love to share a meal with Danielle Nagel of Dazey LA. I recently
found her female-empowering, design-driven apparel brand and it
immediately spoke to me. Our brands align really well and I’d love to pick
her brain! Also, Oprah Winfrey. But who doesn’t want to have lunch with
Oprah Winfrey?!

#14 Where can we find you on social media?

Girl Boss Inspiration | Inspiring Girl Boss: Kat from The Salty Pineapple & The Content Planner | The Sophisticated Gal

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  1. I adore the name “the Salty Pineapple” how awesome! What a great interview I love that she knew what she wanted from a young age and as she grew up she didn’t falter she just kept pushing through to reach that goal. Serious inspiration!

  2. I loved reading this interview so much! While I don’t plan to leave my job to pursue blogging full time, this is an amazing reminder to everyone to do whatever you love passionately and to constantly challenge yourself!

  3. You are so inspiring and I love the name of your business. I need to stop giving myself so much to do. They are little things but they add up each week. I’m going to stick to your advice!

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