How to Slay Your Next Performance Review

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Oh, the annual performance review. One of the most dreaded parts of working in the corporate world, but it is so necessary to keep us on track to grow professionally and within our organization. I know this time of the year can be something you may not look forward to, heck when I had my first “performance review”, I had this idea in my head that I was going to get fired but I learned that was soooo not what was going to happen.

Think about the review as a time to really talk about YOUR growth and your role within the company. Whether your company does annual, semi-annual, or monthly reviews – take advantage of this time to gather constructive feedback and use it as your motivation to further your career.

Having a successful performance review requires that you put in some time beforehand to prepare for the review, especially to make it productive. Typically a performance review is limited to an hour or even a half hour, so make sure you are prepared ahead of time with these tips.

#1 Review Your Goals from The Past Year

Remember those goals you set for yourself last year? Well, bring those goals back up – especially if you haven’t thought about them in awhile. You should typically do this at least a week or even a month in advance of your review, if possible. Reviewing your goals will help you think about what your accomplishments were and what challenges you had.

#2 Have Your Accomplishments Handy

Speaking of accomplishments, don’t be afraid to tout your accomplishments during your review! Especially if you are going to be asking for a raise, having the accomplishments handy will give you the ammo you need to back up why you deserve that raise! Plus, it is always good to remind you and your boss of what you have accomplished – which I’m sure is a lot girl because you are a total boss babe!

#3 Know What Goals You Have Achieved

Going off of the accomplishments, also know what goals from last year you have achieved or made significant progress on. Write down the goals that you have achieved in the past year and make sure to discuss them in your review. Your boss may not know that you have already achieved certain goals, depending on how much you and your boss talk about your goals. So make sure to bring this up in your review and talk about how you achieved them!
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#4 Be Prepared to Talk About Your Challenges

Challenges….we all have them! No matter how “good” you are at your job, there is always a challenge that we face or something we can improve upon. Think about what yours might be and start to think of ways you can turn those weaknesses around. You are going to get constructive feedback in your performance review, don’t feel like because you got feedback that you are a failure in any way because you are NOT. We all have our challenges and this is a time to have an open discussion with your boss about how you can improve on those challenges to be better in the future!

#5 Prepare Questions

Are there specific questions you have for your boss regarding your position or career growth? Or need some clarification on the company objectives? Ask them! Your review is a great time to talk about these types of questions and your manager should be able to give you more clarity on these types of questions or at least find you the answer after the review.

#6 Start Brainstorming New Goals for Next Year

Last but not least, start brainstorming your new goals! Now that you reviewed your goals for the past year, your accomplishments and your challenges – start writing down some potential new goals for yourself. If there is a specific challenge you have that you would like to improve upon, turn it into a goal for yourself! You’ll be more likely to improve upon it if you have it as a set goal for yourself.
Depending on your organization’s culture, you may also have goals given to you by your manager as well. Be open to these goals because sometimes they are the best challenges for you and will drastically improve your career at the company!


What tips have helped you prepare for a performance review? Share them in the comments below!

How to Prepare for a Performance Review | Have a performance review coming up? Follow these tips to slay your next review! | The Sophisticated Gal

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  1. One of the best things I started doing was making a list of all the projects/accomplishments I had throughout the year, because I found when it came time for our review (and self-evaluation that we have to complete) I’d forgotten a lot of what I’d accomplished!

    1. Yes, I did that as well and it has been a HUGE help when that performance review comes around so I remember all of my accomplishments 🙂

    1. I used to get so nervous too, they can definitely be intimidating but if you’re prepared for them – it makes it a little easier 🙂

    1. So glad you found these tips helpful Berniedette! You’ll definitely feel a lot more confident going into the review if you prepare ahead of time 🙂

  2. As a teacher, I have never had a performance review. This sounds scary! It reminds me of my observations I get. When I was untenured I had 6 random observations that I dreaded all year. Now, I will only have 2! This is a great list to help people who have never been through a performance review before. Seems like a lot of prep and practice is needed. xx

  3. I think it is important to really set valuable goals for yourself rather than being generic. I think when employees do that it shows value to your employer.


  4. I think its incredibly important to take the feedback you receive (good and bad) during these reviews and incorporate them into your goals for the upcoming year!

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