5 Girl Bosses That Turned Their Side Hustle into a Full Time Job

5 Girl Bosses to Follow | The Sophisticated Gal
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I am a sucker for inspirational stories, heck it’s one of the main reasons I started the Inspiring Girl Boss series! Hearing the stories of other girl bosses always gives me so much motivation for my own side hustle and career. There are so many amazing women out there that are kicking butt as entrepreneurs running their own businesses. I wanted to share some of the women I look up to the most that have taken their side hustle full-time, just in case you need a little extra motivation or are like me and love reading about other lady bosses 🙂

So here is my list of five girl bosses that have done so well with their side hustles that they have been able to turn it into their full-time job. Make sure to follow these ladies for the ultimate #girlboss inspo! 

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#1 Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher | 5 Girl Bosses to Follow | The Sophisticated Gal

Photo from Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram account

If you don’t already know of Jenna Kutcher, she is an AMAZING entrepreneur and a total #goaldigger, hence the name of her podcast (which I’m listening to as I’m writing this, btw). She managed to take her photography side biz and turn it into her full-time job, even though she didn’t have previous photography experience! She now runs a wedding, blogging and podcast business and is a total marketing superstar. She offers a lot of free and paid resources for other female entrepreneurs, which have helped me take my side hustle to a whole new level.
Jenna is also very open about her struggles, in her personal and business life. Recently she suffered a miscarriage and she has been so open about what it’s like to go through something like that, which I admire so much. Her strength is inspiring and Jenna is someone we can all learn a lot from.
Follow Jenna Kutcher on her Instagram account and check out her website jennakutcher.com

#2 Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely | 5 Girlbosses to Follow | The Sophisticated Gal

Photo from Sara Blakely’s Instagram Account

Sara Blakely is the boss babe and founder of SPANX. Recently she was on an episode of Shark Tank, which you all know how much I love that show and it was so exciting to see her be a guest shark! She initially started her company because she had to go down to Florida to sell fax machines for her company. She really liked how pantyhose would smooth everything down but she didn’t like the look of the actual pantyhose tights showing on her legs and feet because of the more humid weather. So she decided to start her own product and tried to patent her idea. When there were no female patent lawyers in her state and none of the men thought her idea was good, she went to Barnes & Noble and found some books on how to apply for a patent…talk about a GIRL BOSS!
Her company has grown into much more than just pantyhose, SPANX has activewear, bras, and more! Sara has joined the list of women that are billionaires because of the success of her idea. She is a mom, wife and entrepreneur – proving that she can handle it all and she is definitely a girl boss to follow!
Follow Sara Blakely on Instagram and her company’s website spanx.com 

#3 Kat Gaskin

Kat Gaskin | 5 Girlbosses to Follow | The Sophisticated Gal

Photo is from Kat’s Instagram Account

You may remember the interview I did with Kat Gaskin a few months ago as a part of my Inspiring Girl Boss series. She turned her business into her full-time gig through her Instagram account, The Salty Pineapple ,and starting two companies: The Content Planner (which I’m OBSESSED with) and the Salty Pineapple Shop. Kat has over 60,000 followers through her 3 Instagram accounts. Even with the large following she has, she is always responding to messages from followers almost immediately which I just find so amazing.
Her Instagram account The Salty Pineapple will seriously make you want to take a Caribbean vacation ASAP, so make sure to go follow her for daily motivation to make your dreams come true!  

#4 Lauren McGoodwin 

Lauren McGoodwin | 5 Girlbosses to Follow | The Sophisticated Gal

Photo from Career Contessa

I am OBSESSED with Career Contessa, it’s one of my go-to career advice sites (other than The Sophisticated Gal of course). Lauren McGoodwin is the founder of Career Contessa and a total inspiration to us career girls! She was a recruiter for Hulu and got the inspiration for starting Career Contessa when she found that there really just wasn’t many career resources out there for women. Since then, Lauren has grown the Career Contessa to be an authority in the career advice space for young women. Not only is it now her full-time job, she has grown the business so much that she has a team and she is involved in many speaking engagements.
Follow the Career Contessa on Instagram and you’ll see Lauren in a lot of their stories! 

#5 Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss 

The Everygirl Cofounders | 5 Girlbosses to Follow | The Sophisticated Gal

Photo is from a HuffPost article about the co-founders in 2013

The Everygirl is one of my all-time favorite blogs/websites to go to when I’m looking for advice on basically anything! Danielle and Alaina are the two co-founders of the Everygirl. I’ve seen their blog grow so much over the past few years, in fact I remember a time when there would only really be one new post per week and now there’s multiple new posts a DAY! How crazy is that?! Talk about being #girlbosses for growing their brand to have multiple employees and 670,000 followers on Instagram.
Both Danielle and Alaina had their own blogs while working full-time jobs. These two women only hung out two or three times before they got the idea to start the Everygirl after talking about what they wanted to do with their careers. Both of them wanted to help other women like them. Alaina wanted to feature career profiles of other women to help guide young women trying to figure out their careers and Danielle wanted to highlight real girls, so that’s how the Everygirl was born. The Everygirl has grown to be a popular resource for young women and that’s all thanks to the vision that Danielle and Alaina had when starting the website. Both Alaina and Danielle still run their blogs while also running The Everygirl. Their Instagram accounts will give you lots of inspiration and a sneak peek into the lives of these two #girlbosses 🙂 
Follow Alaina and Danielle on Instagram today! 

Who are some girl bosses you love to follow that have turned their side hustles into a full-time gig? Let me know in the comments below! 

5 Girl Bosses That Turned Their Side Hustle into a Full Time Job | Girl Bosses to Follow } The Sophisticated Gal


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  1. Love this post because I love #girlbosses! I was actually following Jenna Kutcher even before I decided to start my own blog on the side, and she’s just so honest and raw! And you’re right, I’m officially obsessed with the salty pineapple’s IG!!

    1. Thanks Katherine! I’m so glad that you loved this post, I love learning about other girl bosses too 🙂 Jenna is one of my favorites too, especially because she is so honest!

      Glad you checked out Kat’s instagram! You’ll love her feed too, I promise!

  2. ah i love this round up! I love jenna kutcher! She’s SO sweet and responsive it’s unbelievable! Also love the Spanx story! I listen to the podcast “how i built this” and she was on and I instantly became a fan! do you know if there’s anywhere to listen to more about how they built the everygirl? I’ve always been interested in their growth story!

  3. You have definitely turned me into a fan for these courageous women. I’m always looking for advice and tips on how to maximize my potential and expand my business.

  4. I LOVE Jenna!!! She’s always been so inspiring to me! All these women are definitely worth following & getting some career advice – especially for those of us ready to ditch the 9 to 5 for the 24/7!

    1. I love Jenna too, clearly 😉 I’m so happy that you loved reading this and you think these women are all super inspiring!

  5. i looove this post. this is incredibly motivating and inspiring. i love learning about and reading stories like this. i always find myself thinking “hmm.. can i do this? can i quit and make this a THING”? then i talk myself off the ledge because ya know… fear of failure lol

    1. I’m so glad that you loved this post, Justine! Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams, you can make it happen too girl! 🙂

    1. Yesss, definitely save this for when you need a little extra motivation in the future! So glad you enjoyed reading this Brooke 🙂

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