Finding Work-Life Balance in a 24/7 World

Finding work-life balance can be hard, especially in this constantly connected world we live in. Here are my tips for finding a work-life balance.
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Finding work-life balance can be so difficult, especially with this non-stop world we live in. We can access almost everything by just using our smartphones. Think about it – almost EVERYTHING can be accessed just by using that little rectangle that we carry around with us everywhere. While having easy access to any information we need, it can also be hard to find a work-life balance when you get constant updates on your phone.

This is something that I always struggled with, especially because I thought that by always being available that I’d become a superstar at work. While it can help you with your career, it just isn’t healthy. Being stressed all the time can eventually have an effect on us both mentally and physically. This is why taking some time off, away from your emails and computers, is so important.

Lately, I have been trying out some different things to find a better work-life balance that I wanted to share with all of you to help you find the balance as well.

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When You Leave Work, Leave the Work Behind

Now I’m not saying that if there is an absolute emergency that you should completely ignore it, but remind yourself that most tasks can wait until the next morning when you’re back in the office. Being able to leave the work at work and not take it with you makes a huge difference in your health.
This also helps with improving our moods. I’m 100% guilty of projecting a bad day at work on my family at home and that can really have an impact on your relationships. Keeping your work at work will help improve your mood overall and keep you from projecting onto others. Now sometimes we all just need to vent and if you really need to vent, then don’t hold it back! Just try to make a mental note of if this is something that is just a minor complaint or is an actual problem that you need advice on.

Find Ways to De-Stress

I didn’t realize how much I loved yoga until after I graduated college and started doing it after work or on the weekends (or both). Everyone has different ways they like to de-stress, whether it’s reading a book, taking a nice bubble bath or working out – do what makes you feel good and relax.
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Insider Tip: this will also help you with falling asleep at night, if you’re relaxed it is a lot easier to get some shut-eye 🙂
Check out these adorable bath robes and soaps, they’re perfect for a relaxing bubble bath!


Prioritize Your To Do List

I am such an organization freak, I’ll totally admit it! Keeping a to do list for yourself of all the different tasks you need to work on, for both work and personal, is a great first step. However most of us probably have so much on our to do list that it can be overwhelming, so it’s also important to PRIORITIZE those items on your to do list. This gives you the opportunity to figure out what your focus for the day should be and what smaller items can wait. Check out some of these adorable notebooks and planners to help you with keeping your to do lists!

 Spend Time AWAY from Technology

We spend SO much time using technology, whether it’s our phones or computers – we are constantly connected. Taking time away from technology is so important for a better work life balance. When you get home from work, keep your phone out of sight for a little and spend time talking to your family or friends. Use this as your time to connect, whether it’s with your fam or a significant other. Now that the weather’s getting nicer, it’s a great time to go out for a walk after work!
Just getting outside for a little can actually reduce stress, so even if you just go outside for 5 minutes – you will instantly feel more relaxed. I love taking the dogs for a walk after work, it’s my time to de-stress and get in some sunshine since I’m usually in an office all day.

My dog, Chloe, loves whenever I take her on walks!

Have a day off coming up? Make sure to check out my tips for maximizing your time off! 


How do you find a balance between work and life? Share any additional tips you have in the comments below! 


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  1. This is such a great post! I have the most trouble leaving work at work – I’m a bit of a workaholic most of the time! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I was struggling to find work-life balance at my last job so I started looking for something new and found something that’s a much better fit! I feel like I have so much more free time just because I’m relaxed and don’t have to bring my work home with my anymore.

  3. Leaving work behind is such a struggle for me. Reading work emails at home is stressful, but I can’t just have that notification icon sitting there on my phone it drives me nuts!

  4. These are all so important especially stepping away from technology. I work for myself so I find that one super hard because I never truly unplug during the week.

  5. There was as study done that we actually shouldn’t leave work at work – it hurts our ability to switch tasks and actually adds more stress. Instead by integrating the two in their respective environments (taking work calls at home or vice versa) it boosts our brains recovery time making it easier to actually balance the two!

  6. I think the biggest thing that has helped me lately is taking time away from technology. It’s so hard to take that break at first, but now I love how freeing it is!

  7. Awesome tips! Work life balance is so important to me and I feel so lucky to have a job that doesn’t require me to work at home on nights or weekends after I leave the office. Taking time away from technology is so key for me. I even do that with my blog – blogging isn’t my life and I don’t feel bad if I don’t post to social media or my blog every single day.

  8. i actually really needed this post! I struggled alot when starting my first job about 6 months ago – adulating is hard but I’m slowly getting used to it! its important to make time for myself!

  9. I actually keep a running to-do list, and I know that if I don’t make it through everything it’ll just roll over to the next day. It’s helped me definitely be less stressed!

  10. work-life balance is so tricky to achieve, especially if you’re a blogger I think! but I love the idea of leaving work at work and separating the different areas of your life. x

  11. Great tips! I always make sure to take time away from my MacBook. Most times, I end up at the gym and/or going for a long walk with the dog (and now new baby). It’s an easy way to get the space you need while also getting in some great exercise.

  12. Finding ways to de-stress is so key! My last job was soooo stressful and sometimes a nice long bath to detox was super helpful. I’m also a list person! Love prioritizing and organizing as it keeps me sane.

  13. Love this post because it’s so true–we are so easily inclined to continue working when balance is key for healthy living. I always make sure to stop emails after 5. If something is that important, someone will call.

  14. The funny thing is that I need distinguish between my 9-5 work and my blog work haha

    For my 9-5, I try to leave the stress at work but it’s not always easy…

    For blogging, I need to make sure to set time aside away from the computer and social media and do things to get inspired!

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