How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

Daily Self Care Routine | How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Routine | The Sophisticated Gal
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Alright, ladies – I am so excited to kick off the self-care series this month on the blog! As you probably know if you’ve been following along on Instagram, I participated in a 30 day yoga challenge in January and it reminded me just how important self-care is, especially for us busy girl bosses! It inspired me to dedicate an entire series to self-care on the blog and all of the blog posts this month will fit into this category 🙂 Today’s post is the first post in this series and I truly hope you enjoy it! Ok, enough rambling…now onto the good stuff! 

I hear it time and time again that there’s no time for self-care every day, but that is just an excuse! Self-care is just as important as any meeting or appointment you have. By taking time to incorporate self-care into your daily routine you are able to find that healthy work-life balance we’re all trying to seek. The truth is that I used to struggle with this, I would never take time for myself and then eventually I would feel burnt out. When I made self-care a priority, I felt my overall attitude become more positive and I just felt healthier. Now, I want to preach the importance of self-care to the rest of the world!

So if you’re struggling with making time for self-care in your daily routine, then keep reading for some ways you can ensure you are taking time for YOU each day.

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Self Care Routine & Tips | How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Daily Routine | The Sophisticated Gal

#1 Put Your Phone Away

In a world where we are all constantly connected to our phones, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Having our phones by our side all the time has helped us connect with our friends and family frequently, but it’s important to take time away from your phone or really any technology for that matter. If you’re like me and work a desk job, plus having an online biz, I feel like I’m constantly by a computer or my phone. Take time each day to not be around your phone or turn it off, whether it’s for 10 minutes or 1 hour…simply taking a break from technology can instantly improve your mood.

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#2 Practice a Daily Meditation or Workout 

I’ve been posting a lot about this on my Instagram account lately, in January I participated in a free 30 day yoga challenge hosted by Yoga with Adrienne (one of my favorite yogis). Every day I dedicated at least 20-30 minutes to practicing yoga and it was honestly my favorite part of the day! It was a time where I knew I wouldn’t need to pay attention to my phone, I could focus on myself and how I’m feeling. It reminded me to focus on the present rather than thinking about something that happened earlier that day or what I had going on the next day. I live for planning but honestly it feels so good to just be in the present sometimes and not plan out every single part of my life!

Whatever it is that you do, whether it’s yoga, a spin class or even a simple meditation – make it a part of your daily routine and always show up for it!

#3 Set a Meeting with Yourself

You can do this through your workouts or even just to read a book, put a meeting on your calendar that is just for YOU. Make this meeting as important as going to a doctor’s appointment, a meeting at work or drinks with friends – it is time just for you and always honor it. You can dedicate this time to be for whatever you want, so long as it is something that will make you feel better and give you time to unwind after a busy day.

#4 Treat Yo Self

We can all learn a lot from Parks & Rec, I mean Leslie Knope is basically my spirit animal! One of the things that I love from that show is the concept of TREAT YO SELF! I’m not saying go all out all the time, but we all deserve to treat ourselves every once in awhile with what makes us happy. Maybe it’s going on a trip once or twice a year or something as simple as getting a latte from your favorite coffee shop. Whatever it is that puts a smile on your face, treat yo self to it!

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#5 Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is often times overlooked, with so many of us being sleep deprived and not getting the average 7-8 hours of sleep every night – it’s easy to forget how important sleep actually is to our health and our mood overall.

This month, I challenge you to give yourself a set bedtime that you stick to so you are getting those 7-8 hours of sleep at night. If you have trouble falling asleep, try reading a book before bed or avoid using your phone 20-30 minutes before you fall asleep.

#6 Have a Self-Care Playlist

If there are certain songs that really help you relax, put them all together in a playlist and play it whenever you need to take a breather.

I have quite a few “relaxation” playlists on my Spotify account that I go to when I just need some music to help me chill. I have some playlists for my yoga practice, just overall relaxation and more! I have created a brand new Spotify playlist just for all of you that is focused on music to help you relax and enjoy your “me” time!


There you have it, some quick self-care ideas that you can incorporate into your daily routine! What is one of the ways that you practice self-care daily? Let me know in the comments below! 

Self Care Routine | Self Care Tips | How to Incorporate Self Care into Your Daily Routine | The Sophisticated Gal

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  1. ok how did you know i needed to read this post today?! im the worst at self care but these tips make me feel like i can add them to my daily routine with no issues!

  2. Tacking a break from technology is my favourite thing to do. Although I’m always “connected” – because my job requires so – I enjoy drinking a cup of tea and listening to good music without scrolling through anything.

  3. Self care is so important!!! One of my goals this month is to take more time out for myself. I love working out! It helps calm me and make me more relaxed (for the most part). As far as Treat Yo Self…yes, yes and yes!! Firm believer of that!

  4. I always think of self-care as something I might get around to doing on the weekend, but I couldn’t agree more about doing a little something every day to give back to yourself. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  5. Disconnecting from the phone is so important. I also take breaks by walking my dogs (without my phone on me) and just spending about a half hour outside in nature with them.

  6. I love this list! Self-care has always been a struggle for me when working, it seems to always be the thing we put last, you know? I love love love that you incorporated meditation. I’m obsessed with headspace and find that meditating (and just getting your head…straight) makes a massive difference in being able to have self care. I also love your point about sleep! It’s something that we SO OFTEN forget to do, when it’s really so important!

  7. I never really thought about self care being a daily thing, but it totally can be!!! Working out is def. my self care!

  8. I am in love with your post, thank you!! I need to read a LOT of stuff about self care and self love these days, because I tend to put too much pressure on myself sometimes and it creates unnecessary anxiety and stress. The point that really resonates with me is the one about the phone. I actually said to my husband last night, I want to turn mine off for 1-2 hours a day. I need to do that, so thanks for reminding me! And about meditation… just sitting still for a few minutes a day makes such a difference. Time to start scheduling that in! 🙂

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