How to Be Seen as Leader at Your Company, Even as a Millennial

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I am so happy to share my tips on how to be seen as a leader to help all you girl bosses move up in your careers! Being seen as a leader at your company is a great way to be recognized by other co-workers and helps you with getting promoted. I think something that a lot of millennials struggle with (myself included) is being taken seriously by other co-workers. Sometimes it feels like you’re judged for your age even though you perform well and bring good ideas to the table.

After graduating from college, I remember that I wasn’t very confident when I first started my job. After a few months on the job, I felt a lot more comfortable in my role and actually felt like I had a good approach to solving complex problems. I was able to work my way up to be a subject matter expert in a few areas of the business and was seen as a leader among my co-workers.

Here are my tips for how to work your way up to be a leader within your organization, so you can be a total girl boss and feel more confident in yourself.

Take Notes & Listen
One reason I was able to become a leader in my organization so early on in my career is thanks to this tip right here. I always made sure to take notes during meetings, even if it wasn’t something that I was directly working on. Just taking the time to listen and write down notes, I was able to gain a bigger understanding of the work going on – even if it was outside of my department.
This can go a long way in not only being seen as a leader, but is something you can take with you throughout your career. This is actually something that I talk about as one of the professional habits to develop in your twenties, so yeah I think this one is pretty important!
Go Above & Beyond
Want to know the secret to why so many people get promotions or work their way up to ‘leader-status’ at a company? Well those people probably went above and beyond their job responsibilities to help out another team member or to take on a new project outside of their comfort zone.
So is there a new project you can help out with or take the lead on? Maybe someone on your team has a lot on their plate right now and could use some assistance? Take these as opportunities to apply your skills and knowledge to something that may not be in your normal day-to-day. Doing so will help you be seen as a leader at your company, plus you never know when that could turn into a promotion!
Find a Mentor & Talk to Them Often
Having a professional mentor, whether they are another co-worker or someone who has worked their way up in your industry, is so important to not only your career but also helps you become a leader. Having someone to reach out to regarding career questions is so helpful, they are someone you can bounce ideas off and get advice on advancing your career.
A mentor can help recommend projects you should volunteer to help with or even for just general questions you have. I was lucky enough to have mentors pretty early on when I started my first big girl job that helped me learn more about the industry and become a leader in my department.
Always Give Credit to Others
I think this is something that people take for granted sometimes, but it goes a long way in my book. Did you have a co-worker that went above and beyond or jumped in to help out on something while you were out of the office? Give thanks to those co-workers and if your company has a place to give praise, then make sure to say it!
Respect and gratitude from my co-workers goes a long way. Recognizing team members for their work can make a huge difference in not only their happiness but also yours. So make sure to give a shout out to those team members when they’ve done something awesome!
Ask for Feedback
Being open to constructive feedback is one of the best ways you can improve in your career. If you’re not getting feedback from your boss or manager, ask for it! If you don’t have a one-on-one set up with your boss, ask your boss to schedule some time for you to dedicate to your career. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, it helps having this time to review performance with them and get feedback.
Getting feedback and working towards improving is something that gains a lot of respect with not only your manager but also your co-workers, because at the end of the day this could help improve your team member’s work as well as yours.

What are some tips that have helped you be seen as a leader in your organization? Share them in the comments below! 


Being seen as a leader in your company can do wonders for your career. Check out these tips for how to be seen as a leader, especially as a millennial.

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  1. All great points! I especially agree with giving credit where do and constantly seeking feedback. A very important point about asking for feedback from your supervisor if you are not receiving it – while it can feel awkward to “manage up,” you should be willing to take control of letting your supervisor know what you need from him or her for you to develop and grow. Society girl! 🙂

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Yes, getting feedback is so important so if you’re not getting any feedback – you definitely have to ask for it! 🙂

  2. One of the biggest reasons I’ve been noticed in my current job & job prior is because I was always doing the extra things, that others didn’t care to do. It really does not go unnoticed! Also, asking for feedback it such an amazing idea! I’ve personally never done this, but maybe now I will!

    1. That’s great to hear Megan! Just helping out with extra projects and work really does go a long way at a lot of places. Asking for feedback is so helpful because it shows that you are always looking to improve 🙂

    1. Aw, thank you so much Amanda – I’m so glad that you like my blog! Giving credit to others is such a simple thing to do and really goes a long way!

  3. love this – all true points to my personal success and also great reminders of things to keep at the top of my actions for further progress. I especially agree with asking for feedback; only way to truly grow!

    1. Thanks Chelsea! So glad to hear that these are things that you already do & that they really help you with your success! Keep at it girl 🙂

    1. Thanks Rachel, I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed this 🙂 asking for feedback is crucial to not only furthering your career, but your personal growth as well!

  4. These are great tips! Going above and beyond is a great tip to being a leader. Respecting your authority is so important too. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lacee! Going above and beyond, even if it’s just small things can really make a huge difference in becoming seen as a leader 🙂

  5. This is so true and on point. Many millennials will benefit from this. I know quite a few kids (anybody below 25 is a kid to me. lol) who don’t want to work beyond their job description and pay grade.

  6. Good advice! I currently work for a home based business, mostly with older men, and I feel like I’m a total joke sometimes. It’s hard to be a lady boss! But I’m working my way up there, thanks for the tips!

  7. This is such a great post! You made so many great points! Having a mentor has been what has helped me be successful.

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