My Goals for 2018 & How I Plan to Achieve Them Using The Content Planner

Goal Planning Tips | My Goals for 2018 & How I Plan to Achieve Them Using the Content Planner | The Sophisticated Gal
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I am so excited about this post ladies! When I was brainstorming content for the last month of 2017, I had a plethora of ideas and one of them was sharing the goals that I’m setting for myself in 2018. There are a lot of exciting things that I’m hoping 2018 will bring and there are so many things I want to achieve in the new year, both for myself and for my biz. I went through the process that I posted about earlier this week when planning out my goals.

Today I’m going to share my goals for 2018, both personal and for my side hustle. Since I know that goals are only dreams until you set an action plan for how to achieve them, I’m going to walk you through how I’m planning to achieve them with The Content Planner

I recently got my Content Planner, which I am so excited to use to help me achieve my 2018 goals for my side biz. For those of you who don’t know what the Content Planner is, it is a product created by a fellow content creator and is a planner that will help any content creator achieve their yearly goals. It is the perfect product for me, running a blog and various social media accounts – it helps keep me organized and set action plans for achieving my yearly goals. Plus, it comes with spaces to write out your dreams, monthly/weekly goals and so much more!

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Keep reading to learn more about the goals I’m setting for 2018 and leave a comment below with some of your goals for the new year!

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Business Goals

In my Content Planner, I love using the “Monthly Goals” section at the start of each month. For January, I have my monthly goals written out in my Content Planner (as shown below) and have even started writing out the brands I would like to collaborate with in January.

2018 Goal Planning with The Content Planner | The Sophisticated Gal

Goal #1: Reach 1,000 Sales on my Etsy Store

Currently, I have about 790 sales on my Etsy store and in 2018 – I want to reach 1,000 sales! It would be so exciting to see my Etsy store break the 1,000 sales mark. I’ve been running my resume templates and services for almost 3 years now and it’s something that I truly love. Through my Etsy store, I’ve been able to help so many of my customers get the interviews at the coveted jobs they want – whether it was through my resume writing services or through my resume templates. Whenever I get a message from a customer that the resume helped them get their foot in the door and ultimately the job, it makes me so happy.

How do I plan to achieve this goal? I am designing some new resume templates for my shop and incorporating more marketing strategies to get those extra eyeballs on my shop and services! I recently uploaded a brand new resume template, which I’m completely in love with, to my shop! Go check it out if you haven’t seen it yet 🙂

Goal #2: Generate Income from My Blog & Partner with Brands I Love

In 2017, I was really focused on building my audience and really just growing my blog in general. I am so happy that you have all decided to join me on my journey! I will still be focusing on growing my blog audience in 2018 but I do also want to start generating more income from my blog. I want to work with brands that I truly believe in (because honestly I wouldn’t work with any brands that I didn’t believe in) and feel more confident asking for payment in exchange for the work I put into generating content.

I am also going to try to pitch to the brands I want to work with and not wait for brands to reach out to me! I already have a few in the works that I am very excited about 🙂 but I want to feel more comfortable pitching brands that I think will truly help my audience advance their careers and side hustles.

Goal #3: Increase Monthly Pageviews to 5,000 per Month

This year, I would really like to increase my monthly pageviews to be more than what they have been the past few months. I’m starting off with 5,000 monthly pageviews as my goal for 2018, a 2,000 increase from what I’m currently averaging, and I hope to make the monthly pageviews even higher! For the month of January, I have set a goal for myself to increase my pageviews to 4,000 – so I will be implementing strategies for how I can get my pageviews higher in the new year and hopefully increasing my pageviews further the rest of the year.

Goal #4: Increase Social Media Following

This is something I think a lot of us fellow bloggers and content creators are always trying to do. By coming up with a goal for ourselves, we can implement strategies and check back every once in awhile to see what strategies are working and which ones aren’t. This year, I would like to reach: 3,000 followers on Instagram, 4,000 followers on Pinterest, 1,000 followers on Twitter and 400 page likes on Facebook. The Content Planner makes it so easy for me to break out these yearly goals for my social media following into business growth goals for each month.

For January, I am looking to increase my Instagram and Pinterest following by 150, Facebook by 35 and add 20 more people to my email list. Another part that I love about the Content Planner is the Business Growth section. In this section, you can also give yourself a monthly income goal. For me, I would like to make at least $200 in January so I included that in the Business Growth section of my planner for next month. I’m hoping I can completely knock that income goal out of the water in January 😉

2018 Goal Planning with The Content Planner | The Sophisticated Gal

Personal Goals

Goal #1: Pay Off Student Loans

When I graduated college, I was so terrified when I saw how much student loan debt I was left with when I graduated. The idea of paying off student loans felt like it was so far away when I was in college so I didn’t worry about it, until I graduated and freaked out looking at that final student loan debt amount I was now carrying around. Four years later, I am looking to completely pay off my student loans in 2018! I am so excited to finally be able to fully pay them off this upcoming year and hope to have them fully paid off by my 26th birthday!

When I finish fully paying them off, I will definitely be sharing a post about what I did to pay off my student loan debt 🙂

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Goal #2: Focus More on Self-Care

I think I speak for all us #girlbosses when I say that self-care is always a struggle! It’s something that I tend to neglect until I really need it. This year, I am making it a goal of mine to focus more on self-care and practice yoga more frequently. At one point, I was practicing yoga at least 2-3 times a week but honestly it’s probably been a week or two since I have even practiced yoga. I plan on joining Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days of yoga challenge for 2018! Let me know if you’ll be doing this as well and we can keep each other accountable to following through with it 🙂

Some other ways I plan to practice more self-care is by dedicating at least 10 minutes before bed to reading a book. I have quite a few books that I want to read this year and in 2017, I feel like I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked to. So in 2018, I’ll be dedicating time to make sure that I relax and read a book before bed.

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Goal #3: Meet Other Bloggers

In 2017, I was able to meet one of my fellow blogger friends IRL (heyyy Sheila!) and it was so nice to meet her in-person, especially since we talk so much online! Having a community of bloggers that support me has been so helpful and I want to meet more of them IRL! So, if you’re a blogger and live in the Philly area – let me know!

So there you have it, my goals for 2018. I’m going to be a busy busy girl! What are some of your goals for 2018 (personal, career, side hustle)? Let me know in the comments below!

If you want to get your own Content Planner to help you achieve your blog and business goals in 2018, feel free to purchase the Content Planner using my affiliate link. It does not cost more for you, I just get a percentage of the sales for whoever purchases a Content Planner using my affiliate link. The Content Planner is an amazing product and you have all heard me say over & over again how much I love it! I truly believe that this planner is going to help me achieve my goals in 2018 and grow my biz! I hope it will help you too! 🙂 


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Goal Planning Tips for 2018 | My Goals & How I Plan to Achieve Them Using the Content Planner | The Sophisticated Gal


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  1. I think I need that planner! I have a regular planner, but this seems like it would be an amazing fit for my blog organization! Thanks for sharing your goals! I’m excited to read more of your posts in 2018.

  2. I would LOVE to read a post about your debt! My hubs just wracked up $20k worth of debt from his grad school ugh, so I am looking for ALL the tips so that we can pay it off as fast as possible! Luckily, we both are debt free from undergrad, so that’s the only thing we have to work on.

  3. I love the look and layout of this planner! And if you ever make it out to the Pittsburgh area, drop me an email! I would love to meet some fellow bloggers!

  4. I love this so much! I think having your goals and thoughts written out really helps achieve them too – having a content planner is everything too!

  5. Love your post. There are quite a few things you have that I am aiming for myself. This is the year where i plan to map out my directions and become a lot more structured and keep to it.

  6. Loove this post, Kristen! Great goals and I love how you included the Content Planner. Also I think it’s so cool you’ve had your Etsy shop for 3 years AND you’re going to pay off your student loans this year. That is definitely a life goal of mine…

    Can’t wait to hang out more in 2018!

  7. These sound like very realistic goals to achieve in 12 months. Expecting way too much is already a step in the wrong direction for many bloggers and freelance writers. You have your head on straight! (Liking the pic with you and Sheila.)

  8. Love this post! These are amazing goals, and I share many of them! I will be sure to check out your Etsy store! 🙂 I will have to learn more about the content planner, it looks great! I recently wrote a post about my overall goals this year, and I think starting off with a vision in mind is so helpful for progress! I also love the goal of meeting more bloggers irl, that is something I want to do as well! I have met a few amazing blog pals in the past and it’s such a wonderful experience! Also I look forward to your post about student debt because I am fast approaching that time!

    xx Alyssa

  9. Love this! Super helpful and organized for success. It reminds me of some things I need to write down. Its always great to really break down all the long and short term goals with a little self care on the side. Great post! 🙂

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