How to Feel More Confident in Yourself and Your Career

Career Confidence Tips | How to Feel More Confident in Yourself | The Sophisticated Gal

Confidence…it’s something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives and is something that I struggled with a lot, especially in the beginning of my career. It’s something that you have to come to terms with in your own way and find what makes you truly feel confident, both in life and in your career. The past few years I have learned a lot about what confidence means to me now that I’ve become more independent and have started to grow in my career. My journey to feeling more confident in myself has definitely taken some time […]

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15+ Self-Care Ideas for Busy Girl Bosses

Self-Care Ideas for Women | 15 Self-Care Ideas for Girl Bosses | The Sophisticated Gal

Girl, I know the struggle – you have 5,000 things going on a day, your brain is constantly on and sometimes it feels so hard to turn your brain off and just relax. That is pretty much my struggle every single day! We are busy girl bosses and it can be hard to squeeze time into our schedules for a little self-care and self-love. What if I told you that chances are if you practice self-care daily that you will actually find that you’ll be more productive? At the start of January after I came back from vacation, I made […]

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How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

Daily Self Care Routine | How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Routine | The Sophisticated Gal

Alright, ladies – I am so excited to kick off the self-care series this month on the blog! As you probably know if you’ve been following along on Instagram, I participated in a 30 day yoga challenge in January and it reminded me just how important self-care is, especially for us busy girl bosses! It inspired me to dedicate an entire series to self-care on the blog and all of the blog posts this month will fit into this category 🙂 Today’s post is the first post in this series and I truly hope you enjoy it! Ok, enough rambling…now onto […]

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