How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Daily Routine

Daily Self Care Routine | How to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Routine | The Sophisticated Gal

Alright, ladies – I am so excited to kick off the self-care series this month on the blog! As you probably know if you’ve been following along on Instagram, I participated in a 30 day yoga challenge in January and it reminded me just how important self-care is, especially for us busy girl bosses! It inspired me to dedicate an entire series to self-care on the blog and all of the blog posts this month will fit into this category 🙂 Today’s post is the first post in this series and I truly hope you enjoy it! Ok, enough rambling…now onto […]

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6 Steps to Help You Take Control of Your Finances as a Twentysomething

How to Take Control of Your Finances as a Twentysomething | The Sophisticated Gal

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn after graduating college was how to manage my finances. It isn’t exactly something that is taught in college, but if they offered a “Personal Finance 101” course – I definitely would have benefited from it. The position I am in now is a much healthier relationship with money after learning how to be smart about my finances. It has helped me so much and has even helped me get to a point where my student loans will be paid off this year. If you are struggling with your finances or are […]

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How to Stay Productive While Traveling

How to Stay Productive While Traveling | The Sophisticated Gal

While on my way to Phoenix, I started thinking about how we spend all this time on an airplane and how that time could be used, especially for any entrepreneur or side hustler! If you think that being on an airplane just means sitting there bored out of your mind and that there’s no way to be productive because there’s (typically) no WiFi, I’m here to tell you otherwise. Since I knew that this was a longer flight, traveling from Philly to Las Vegas and ultimately to our destination in Phoenix, I made sure to brainstorm how I could use […]

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My Goals for 2018 & How I Plan to Achieve Them Using The Content Planner

Goal Planning Tips | My Goals for 2018 & How I Plan to Achieve Them Using the Content Planner | The Sophisticated Gal

I am so excited about this post ladies! When I was brainstorming content for the last month of 2017, I had a plethora of ideas and one of them was sharing the goals that I’m setting for myself in 2018. There are a lot of exciting things that I’m hoping 2018 will bring and there are so many things I want to achieve in the new year, both for myself and for my biz. I went through the process that I posted about earlier this week when planning out my goals. Today I’m going to share my goals for 2018, […]

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How to Stay Productive at Work During the Holidays

How to Stay Productive at Work During the Holiday Season | Work Productivity Tips | The Sophisticated Gal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the holiday season and that means lots of Christmas parties and events at work, which can make it very easy to get distracted and not get as much done as you want to during the work week. The holiday season is a great time of the year not only for all of the holiday festivities, but it’s also a great time to remain focused on those projects you have left for the year and get a jumpstart on those 2018 projects. While you may be feeling like it’s impossible to be […]

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How to Develop a Productive Morning Routine

Developing a Productive Morning Routine | The Sophisticated Gal

Perfecting a morning routine for me has always been a struggle, I will totally admit that I press the snooze alarm too many times or lay in bed just scrolling through Instagram during the week. The truth is, I feel so much more productive and focused in the mornings, so I want to take advantage of that! Lately I’ve been trying to perfect my morning routine and find something that works well for my schedule, so I figured I would share this with all of you to help you perfect your morning routine as well! Here are some of the […]

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Side Hustle Tips: The Tools You Need for Your Side Biz

In a previous post on the blog, I talked about the essentials you need for your side hustle. In today’s post, I want to talk more about the actual tools that have helped me successfully run my side hustle (this blog + my Etsy store) while working a full-time job. Working a full-time job and running a side biz can be a lot to manage, so the tools that you have in your toolbox should help you spend more time working on the bigger projects and maybe even give you some time to enjoy a glass of wine at night […]

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5 Career-Oriented Podcasts for Millennials

5 Career-Oriented Podcasts for Millennials | The Sophisticated Gal

When you are first starting out in your career, there is a lot to learn. The truth is, there is a lot that you won’t learn in college about the real world. For example, did anyone ever give you a crash course in college on 401k’s or dealing with a bad boss? The answer is probably no. Lately I have been really into podcasts because they always get me thinking plus they offer some really practical career advice. I have also gotten this question from all of you a lot lately! So, I have gathered a list of some of […]

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What I Learned From Attending My First Conference

If you are following me on Instagram and checked out my Instagram stories last week, then you know that I was attending a conference for work in Orlando. It was my very first work conference I have ever attended. In the past, I’ve gone to career fairs on behalf of my companies but I have never gone to a conference until now. I learned so much from my first conference and how to better prepare for them in the future, so I thought that I would share what I learned so all you #girlbosses can SLAY your next conference 😉 […]

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How to Manage Anxiety at Work

*Guest Post*  Anxiety is never convenient. It sneaks up at the most inopportune moments, such as during an important presentation, a fun outing with friends, or throughout your average work day. Whether you’re having small amounts of anxious feelings or you’re on the brink of a full-blown panic attack, dealing with anxiety at work is an ongoing challenge. While I usually encourage people to take an occasional “mental health day” when their anxiety is growing difficult to manage, most of the time you need to find ways to maintain and control your anxiousness throughout your work day. I’ve personally dealt […]

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