Why Taking a Vacation is Good for Your Career

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Yes, I just said it – taking a vacation is good for your career for so many different reasons. I know it seems weird, heck I’m telling you that LEAVING work for a week or two will make you advance in your career, but I promise you’ll understand why soon!

I used to think that it was bad to leave my team and work behind when I went adventuring in Alaska this past summer, in fact I was really anxious about taking the time off. What I realized while I was on vacation was that I had time to think about my career and personal goals again. Here are some of my reasons why a vacation will benefit your career.

#1: You have time to remember your career goals
Sometimes at work we get so caught up in the daily hustle that we forget what we’re working towards. I’m definitely a victim of this myself and sometimes you feel like you’re just doing the same thing day in and day out.
When you get to take a break from work, you’re reminded of what you’re looking for in your career or you may find clarity if you were questioning what you wanted to do. Just the act of taking time to yourself helps remember what you’re truly passionate about.
#2: You become inspired
Whenever I get to travel to a new place, I always get so inspired by my surroundings and the new things I try. Being inspired is a beautiful thing that I think a lot of us take for granted. During the day-to-day grind, you might just be trying to get as much as you can crossed off your to-do list before you leave for the day that you forget to take time to be creative. When I was in Alaska, I rarely used my phone other than for pictures and made it a point to turn off the email notifications so I could fully enjoy my trip. While I was in Alaska, I felt like I was so inspired by all of the beautiful scenery that it helped me come up with so many new ideas.
When on vacation, you’re surrounded by new places and people to be inspired by. So when you’re on vacation, if you come up with an idea or think of a new way to work through a problem you might’ve been having – write it down or put it in your phone so you remember it when you come back! You never know, you might just become inspired to start that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about! 

This picture was taken after we hiked approximately 4 miles up lots of rocks and steep hills in Juneau, Alaska. It was totally worth it! 

#3: You’ll be more productive when you come back from vacation
Whether it’s a full week or just a day, having some time off can do wonders on your productivity at work. By having some time to yourself and taking a break, you’ll be feeling more productive when you come back from vacation. Having time to relax on vacation will help to give you more energy when you return. Just think about all the work you could get done with more energy! 
And if you work remotely, make sure your home office is set up to make you more efficient by following my tips for productively working from home.
#4: It’s good for your health
Overall, a vacation is good for your health – as simple as that. Even if we love our jobs, we all need time to relax and take a break. When on vacation, make sure to schedule in some activities that get you up and moving. Whether that’s exploring a new town on foot, going on a hike or going on a long bike ride – take this time to do something active and you won’t regret you did.
So many of us come home from work and just go straight to watching TV, so we need to break that habit as much as we can and when you’re on vacation, this is your time to do that! Plus if you’re traveling and in a new area, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring.

This picture was taken in Pasadena, CA when we were headed to the Rose Bowl to cheer on PSU! I think we walked a total of 6 or 7 miles that day but that totally beats watching TV! 

Share some cool new places you’ve traveled to recently below! I’m always looking for some travel inspiration! 

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Taking a vacation is good for your career for so many different reasons. Today I'm sharing why taking a break will benefit your career.

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    1. Yes! We all deserve a break every once in awhile and a lot of times, it’s the perfect way to become inspired again!

    1. Thank you Lizzy! I think taking time away is so important not only for our sanity but also for our personal growth as well. Gotta love how relaxed you feel after a break 🙂

  1. I love this! These are all such great points and exactly why I never feel guilty for taking a day off or even a full vacation. For me, the health benefits are the big one. Being someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, breaks are essential to my happiness and really contribute to how well I perform at work and even in my everyday life. Also, I’ve seen so many articles on work environments in other countries and apparently it’s been proven that people in those countries are much happier and more balanced because of the added vacation time that their employers cover. Some countries don’t even do a 5 day work week, they do 4! Makes me want to move haha

    1. Thank you Keating! I really appreciate you taking the time to read this! The health benefits of taking time off are a big one for me as well! I would LOVE a shorter work week too! Makes me also want to move 😉

    1. Yes, that is so true! I always want to make sure everything is organized before I go on a vacation too. Makes going away much easier 🙂

  2. This is SO true. I had a job all of 2016 where I didn’t take a single vacation – I was under so much pressure that it honestly felt like I’d be more stressed out trying to get everything done before I left than it was worth! The second I quit, I flew to Iceland on a last-minute flight to refresh before I started my new job, and it made ALL the difference.

    1. Thank you Robin! I can’t imagine working for a whole year without a vacation! I’m so glad you took the time off and went to Iceland before starting your new job. I’m sure it was BEAUTIFUL in Iceland and a much needed vacation.

    1. Thank you Rachel! And yeah, sometimes the first few days getting back into your routine are hard – I can totally relate!

  3. Totally agree! the research actually shows that millennials aren’t using their vacation time (mostly because they do weekend trips or staycations) and many report it’s out of fear of being vacation shamed (I wrote a couple of articles on it for forbes if you’re interested!) – so happy more people are spreading the word about the importance of time off!

    1. Thanks Rachel! We all need to utilize the time off we’re given, heck most of the time you get PAID for the time off! You really can’t pass that up 🙂

      I would love to read your articles from Forbes on these topics, so feel free to share the links! I’m glad that you’re sharing the message about this as well, it is so important especially for millennials.

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